We design customized, immersive experiences for your team to rethink the way they innovate and serve your customers.

Full of insightful, inspiring and actionable ah-ha moments, a customer understanding is developed to further grow your business.

Workshops are hosted for:

  • Half-days or full-days
  • Your location or ours
  • Up to 10 key leaders
  • Up to 150 team members

Workshops include

Empathy Assessment & Implementation Guide

Pre-session & post-session video interviews

Presentation of outcomes & next action items

The Fervr way of getting brands caught up with the rapidly evolving customer landscape is nothing short of magical. They just get the new way of doing business. Their unique approach gets everyone in the room inspired and activated to start seeing customers in a whole new way.

Leslie Hielema

VP Florida Institue of Technology


Download the Framework Product Guide and how Fervr positions your team to know your customer.